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ChromoQuant 311 QF-PCR kit

This was the first model of the ChromoQuant QF-PCR kit, the first version was launched in 2004.

The markers are supplied in two tubes; one containing markers for chromosomes 13 and 18 together with some X/Y markers. The other containing markers for chromosome 21 togehter with X/Y markers.

The 311 kit does not include any Taq polymerase.

The kit contains extra markers. In total there are 38 unique markers to be analysed.

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Product information

Intended Use

In vitro diagnostics for diagnosis of chromosome

13, 18, 21, X and Y aneuploidy

Part no.

24 tests 311.003-24 (does not include extra markers)52 tests 311.003-52 (includes extra markers)

104 tests 311.003-104 (includes extra markers)

No. of 13 markers 5 + 5 Extra markers (8 unique 13 markers)

No. of 18 markers

6 + 4 Extra markers (8 unique 18 markers)

No. of 21 markers

6 + 6 Extra markers (10 unique 21 markers)

No. of X/Y markers

7 + 6 Extra markers (Including unique marker for

identification of Turner syndrome (12 uniqe X/Y markers)

Taq polymerase Not included

Kit size

24/52/104 tests

CE-marked for IVD use


Detection format

Capillary Electrophoresis

Validated Genetic Analysers

ABI 310, 3100, 3130, 3730, 3500

Data Interpretation

GeneMapper and GeneMarker templates and panels are available.

Visualizer decision support software free of charge

Complies with CMGS Best Practice Guidelines 2012











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