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GeneMapper 4.1 and 5.0 Templates and panels

This file are password protected. Please contact CyberGene at

or your local distributor in order to receive the password.

General Templates without panels - download for all except AZF

GM 4.1 and 5.0 General templates                                                           Downloads

ChromoQuant SuperSTaR and Optima panels

ChromoQuant GeneMapper 4.1/5.0 panels for rxn 1 and 2                           Download

ChromoQuant STaR panels

ChromoQuant GeneMapper 4.1/5.0 panels for STaR and Extra markers           Download 

ChromoQuant PLUS panels

ChromoQuant GeneMapper 4.1/5.0 panels for PLUS (15, 16, 22)                  Download

ChromoQuant AZF templates and panels

ChromoQuant GeneMapper 4.1/5.0 templates and panels for AZF                 Download


ChromoQuant 311 and Extra Markers panels

ChromoQuant GeneMapper 4.1/5.0 panels for 311 and Extra markers            Download



Instructions how to import templates into ABI GeneMapper                         Download Instructions










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