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MagDTR Dye Terminator Removal Resin is an easily automated, high performance, economical alternative for labs processing large numbers of samples and researchers who are tired of waiting for their ethanol precipitation procedures.


  • Long Read Lengths: Phred 20 scores over 750. Read from base 1 to 850 bases or more, over a wide range of reaction conditions
  • Save on reagents:  Use only 4 ml MagDTR resin for every reaction.  Attain quality sequences using as little as 250 nl of ABI's BigDye v3.1 dye terminator in 5 ml reactions
  • Robust protocol:  Take advantage of MagDTR's compatibility with BigDye v3.1, 1.1 and other commonly used dyes.  Make no adjustments for varied sample volumes or concentrations of dye terminator
  • Fully automatable:  MagDTR can be adapted to any standard liquid handling robot
MagDTR is available as 5 ml, 25 ml, 125 ml and 500 ml packages

MagDTR™ is a TradeMark of Edge BioSystems, 201 Perry Parkway, Suite 5, Gaithersburg, MD 20877










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