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Visualizer software

The Visualizer™  STaR software has been developed by CyberGene in order to assist users

bigstock-Best-Internet-Concept-of-globa-68957110.jpgof ChromoQuant® STaR and PLUS QF-PCR kits in their daily work. As a ChromoQuant® user you   will be licensed to use the Visualizer™ STaR software.  Contact your local distributor or 

CyberGene directly  to get the password to unpack the software.

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Decision support system


The Visualizer™ STaR software imports data from *GeneMapper™ and transforms the data to a desicion support format . By using Visualizer™ STaR the results will be interpreted objectively according to the CMGS Guidelines. Visualizer™ will be a support in interpreting the results obtained by the ChromoQuant® QF-PCR STaR and PLUS kits.


Fast and objective interpretation of data


The objectivity is a result of the built in interpretation rules, based upon the guidelines set up by the Clinical Molecular Genetic Society "CMGS Best Practice Guidelines for QF-PCR for the diagnosis of aneuploidy".


Register as a user under "User Downloads". Download the software under "Tools and Downloads"


Contact us for more information about the Visualizer™ STaR software.


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