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Welcome to CyberGene AB

The ChromoQuant® product is a family of CE/IVD kits for diagnosing chromosomal disorders in humans. ChromoQuant kits are introduced in several countries worldwide. Find out about ChromoQuant® QF-PCR kit - one of the most widely used CE marked In Vitro Diagnostic kits for prenatal diagnosis on the world market.

ChromoQuant AZF - PCR based kit diagnosing microdeletions in the Y chromosome 

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CyberGene is offering EdgeBio Purificaiton systems. Gold standard for Dye Terminator Removal (DTR), PCR Cleanup and DNA purification.


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ChromoQuant AZF PCR kits

Read more about the ChromoQuant AZF PCR kit for diagnosing microdeletions in the Y chromosome 



IVD - ChromoQuant QF-PCR

CE marked In Vitro Diagnostic kits for prenatal diagnostics of chromosomal disorders

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ChromoQuant single chromosome kits

These CE/IVD kits contain markers for single chromosome tests of chr. 13, 18, 21 and X/Y

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Since June 2021, CyberGene is a subsiduary of AlphaHelix Molecular Diagnostics AB